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29 November, 2009

Shrimp Culture News of The Month - 5

Indonesia to Stop Shrimp Imports 29 November 2009.

Minister of fisheries and marine resources Fadel Muhammad said here on Saturday the government planned to stop shrimp imports. "The policy of allowing shrimp imports hurts businessmen and therefore it will be revoked," he said during shrimp harvesting in Pesawaran, Lampung, Sumatra.

He said local as well as national businessmen had asked the government not to allow shrimp imports to protect domestic production. With regard to the plan Fadel called on shrimp farmers to continue to increase production of shrimps of a good quality.

"Domestic production must be increased and quality of the product must continue to be improved," he said. The minister said right now the government was just intensifying cultivation of vaname (penaeus vanamei) shrimps.

He said the effort was proven successful particularly in Lampung with quality of production was better than that of the imported shrimps. So far Indonesia has imported the vaname shrimps from the US but the ministry of fisheries and marine resources has conducted a research and discovered that the shrimp species could be cultivated in the country.

"In the future we will no longer be dependent on imports because we have already been able to produce vaname shrimps," he said. Shrimps need to be further developed because their export demand is high in addition to meeting domestic needs.

According to the ministry the country’s shrimp production in 2010 to 2014 is expected to increase by 74.75 percent from 400,000 tons to 699,000 tons.

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