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16 October, 2009

Shrimp Culture is To Looking after Organisms

Shrimp culture as a profit oriented effort, is fairly if all of actors of the effort very expect to it can give satisfying profit level. Various methods implemented in order to the shrimp culture process are not hit by problem that able to generate profit loss.

But as we know there is no science able to formulate a technology that guarantees the continuity of shrimp’s life exactly. The existing technology only in the form of approaches of ecology/ecosystem, physics, chemicals, biology also other technical of shrimp culture that means to minimize the shrimp risk attacked by problems. The shrimp culture is not an exact science/ the mathematics that always give certainty of result to selected formulation.

At shrimp culture activity besides technically approach, the approach that relative important to be understood is of non technical approaches. Simply, non technical approach can be interpreted as the approach used at shrimp culture outside technical factor which affected indirectly to successfully of the shrimp culture. Non technical approaches more instructing to philosophy that needed to comprehend by the actors of shrimp culture effort.

Shrimp culture is to looking after organisms” a very simple sentence is which perhaps for most readers don't have a something meaning, because whoever know that shrimp is an organism. Based on that simple sentence be in fact we can dig a basic philosophy that needed to comprehend by the actors of shrimp culture effort.

Shrimp as organism is a mortal which every moment can death without we know when it happen and what cause of it. This understanding direct related to our believing to Allah SWT as Universe Creator that knowing all secrets what have do been created. If this believing returned to basic understanding that shrimp culture is to looking after organism, hence basically in conducting process of shrimp culture, in fact we performing a mandate from Allah SWT to take care of and look after the shrimp as sincerely and affection and also seriously. So, whatever the results it’s still a secret from Allah SWT.

Factually, in field indicating that is often met occurrence that the shrimp which have expressed nicely from its condition and quality and supported by quality of pond water nicely too, suddenly there occurrence mass death of the shrimps at relative shorten time. On the contrary there is the shrimps in adjudged will affect the problem exactly can be harvested normally with unusually biomass.

The basic philosophy mentioned above if not comprehended better can make we trapped on unfavorable nature as human. As reality, in field indicate that many actors of the shrimp culture becoming arrogant when their shrimp culture effort succeed and claim that efficacy conducting by owned technique and when asked to share the experience they say extremely that shrimp science is costly! On the contrary if the shrimp culture has many problems hence the most problem source which made as reason is environmental external factors, not caused by technical treatment factor which have given by them.

The discussion and illustration mentioned above hopefully can be made as reflection matters to the actors of the shrimp culture that besides technical factor which we require to understand also non technical factor which we require to comprehend as a philosophy. There were still many other philosophies on shrimp culture perhaps most of the visitors/readers of this posting more comprehending than me. More and more we comprehend the shrimp culture philosophy, hence will progressively make we conscious, that science and knowledge of the shrimp culture which we have still very once. your shrimps and see what will shrimps give to you.....
I hope usefully.

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