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27 February, 2008

Indonesia's Group Profile This Month


Agromania is Indonesia’s agribusiness entrepreneurs media that it be founded at 31 July 2000. At present agromania have 5472 members, with several bacgrounds (agriculture, plantation, landscape and flowers, aquaculture and ornamental fish, animal husbandry, agroindustry and food). This media is provided to interrelationship between members (advertising, information, discussion, etc).

Agromania also have thousands relation network in Indonesia and arroud foreign countries. In addition, the detail information about agromania are among others :

  1. Scope of areas : Indonesia and arroud foreign countries;

  2. Scope of objects : fruits, vegetables, livestocks, plants, parks, crops, medicine plants, processing machines, agriculture machines, foods, drinks, ornamnetal fish, forest, fertilizer, fish, seeds, beans, meats, spices, agriculture, aquaculture, hydrophonic, horticulture, etc.;

  3. Scope of members : entrepeneurs, exporters/importers, sellers/buyers, producers, farmers, etc.;

  4. Scope of contents : service information, agrobusiness product advertising, agrobusiness job opportunuties, discussion forum, consultancies, list of address, price information, etc.

If you interested to join with this group, please visit on agromania, or contact agromania moderator email on or

Note :
If any mistakes with this information, please send a feed back to me.

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