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10 June, 2008

Fresh Feed for Shrimp

The fresh feed is one of the ways commonly used to treat shrimp which is decreased appetite and it is used incidentally. Fresh feed is a type of feed derived from animal / aquatic biota that have been processed and provided to the shrimsp on still fresh conditions with its aim is to improve quality and condition of shrimp to boost appetite indicated affected to certain problems.

A logical basic of fresh feed use is its as attractants for the shrimps through a stimulation of smell / scent overpowering issued by fresh feed so that hrimps are interested and approached to consume the feed. Hopefully, with this method, shrimp appetite could be further improved and can improve shrimp quality.

Biota that is often used as fresh feed in shrimp culture is from the various species of fishes. The way of fresh feeding, among others conducted with:
  1. Giving directly, first, fish that become fresh feed materials cut in accordance with the desired size.

  2. The fishes as fresh feed ingredients are boiled first before given to the shrimps with the aim to minimize possible risk of diseases infection from fish used as fresh feed to the shrimp.
The dose of fresh feed that is applied is usually 1.5 - 2.0 times than dose of artificial feeding in normal conditions and is usually done at night or depending on the needs and problems being faced.

Several factors must be considered in fresh feeding program among others:
  1. The type and level of occured problems, because in some cases fresh feeding would be more aggravating the condition and quality of shrimps in ponds

  2. Pond waters and weather conditions. The fresh feed in pond water will significantly affect the productivity of pond waters, so the changes can affect shrimp.

  3. The fresh feed in a pond must be balanced with adequate of pond water circulation in anticipation of an accumulated fresh feed remnants that are not consumed shrimps and may be susceptible to decay in a pond bottom.

  4. Selection of biota quality as fresh feed materialS from the possibility of certain diseases that can infect the shrimps in a pond
The number and intensity of fresh feed can be reduced if shrimp condition have shown a change to a better side especially with regard to appetite.

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